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YearModelMilesPriceTime PostedLocationTitle & Link

2009n/a1300004/19 15:44Atlanta, GA * 2009 white Ducati 1198 * (Lexington) $13000
2004Monstern/a490004/19 02:23Atlanta, GA2004 Custom Ducati Monster 800 (midtown) $4900
2012n/a1200004/18 22:47Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati 848 Evo Red (Atlanta) $12000
2011Diaveln/a1280004/18 22:45Atlanta, GA2011 Ducati Diavel (Gwinnett) $12800
2002Monstern/a400004/18 21:29Atlanta, GA2002 Ducati Monster M750 Dark (Midtown) $4000
2009Monstern/a900004/18 21:07Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 1100S MAKE OFFER (Braselton) $9000
2006Monstern/a545004/18 13:27Atlanta, GADucati Monster 900 SP2 2006 (Norcross) $5450
n/a320004/18 07:46Atlanta, GAducati 900ss trade (Covington) $3200
2011Sport Touringn/a1299004/17 15:44Atlanta, GADucati : Sport Touring 2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S TOURING
2008Hypermotardn/a829904/17 15:34Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Red 6-speed (Canton, GA) $8299
2009n/a1300004/17 04:20Atlanta, GA * 2009 white Ducati 1198 * (Lexington) $13000
2013Multistradan/a2100004/17 01:59Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Multistrada Granturismo (Anderson, SC) $21000
1995n/a349504/17 00:07Atlanta, GADucati 900SS SP (Cumming) $3495
2003Monstern/a04/16 22:51Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER -new price (decatur)
2008Monstern/a480004/16 17:27Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster 695 (Williamson, GA) $4800
2004Monstern/a490004/16 14:02Atlanta, GA2004 Custom Ducati Monster 800 (midtown) $4900
2008Monstern/a600004/15 21:28Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC) $6000
2011Diaveln/a1300004/15 15:54Atlanta, GA2011 Ducati Diavel (Gwinnett) $13000
2009n/a1300004/14 22:39Atlanta, GA * 2009 white Ducati 1198 * (Lexington) $13000
2008Superbiken/a1241304/14 22:32Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati 1098 SuperBike CLEAN!!! (Marietta, GA ) $12413
2014Superbiken/a1549004/14 22:31Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
2013Diaveln/a1749004/14 22:31Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Diavel SALE PRICE (Marietta, GA ) $17490
2014Superbiken/a1549004/14 22:31Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
2010n/a1200004/14 22:12Atlanta, GA2010 Ducati 1198 (Chamblee) $12000
1995n/a349504/14 21:11Atlanta, GADucati 900SS SP (Cumming) $3495
2008Hypermotardn/a829904/14 18:41Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Red 6-speed (Canton, GA) $8299
2003Monstern/a04/14 18:12Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER (decatur)
2008Monstern/a480004/14 17:07Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster 695 (Williamson, GA) $4800
2002n/a600004/13 18:57Atlanta, GA2002 Ducati 998 (Near Montgomery alabama) $6000
1998Superbiken/a450004/13 15:02Atlanta, GADucati : Superbike 1998 DUCATI 900SS SS/CR SUPERBIKE
2006Superbiken/a630004/13 09:19Atlanta, GADucati : Superbike 2006 DUCATI 749 SUPERBIKE
2009Monstern/a599804/12 17:39Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696 (Greenville) $5998
2008Monstern/a480004/12 16:36Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster 695 (Williamson, GA) $4800
n/a1780004/11 23:36Atlanta, GAducati 999R (BRADENTON) $17800
Monstern/a490004/11 20:14Atlanta, GACustom Ducati Monster 800 (midtown) $4900
2011Diaveln/a1280004/11 17:18Atlanta, GA2011 Ducati Diavel (Gwinnett) $12800
2013Diaveln/a1497004/11 17:06Atlanta, GA40049 2013 DUCATI DIAVEL CROMO (marietta) $14970
2008Hypermotardn/a829904/11 17:05Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Red 6-speed (Canton, GA) $8299
2011n/a910004/11 04:01Atlanta, GADucati 848 evo (spartanburg) $9100
2008Monstern/a600004/10 21:50Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC) $6000
2003Monstern/a400004/10 21:20Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER (decatur) $4000
2002n/a600004/10 21:16Atlanta, GA2002 Ducati 998 (Near Montgomery alabama) $6000
Streetfightern/a250004/10 19:45Atlanta, GACUSTOM STREETFIGHTER (Lilburn) $2500
2009Monstern/a599804/10 02:58Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696 (Greenville) $5998
2014Superbiken/a1549004/10 01:27Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
2012Monstern/a931704/10 01:27Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati Monster 796 (Marietta, GA ) $9317
2014Superbiken/a1549004/10 01:27Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
2013Diaveln/a1749004/10 01:26Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Diavel SALE PRICE (Marietta, GA ) $17490
2008Superbiken/a1241304/10 01:26Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati 1098 SuperBike CLEAN!!! (Marietta, GA ) $12413
Hypermotardn/a825004/09 23:57Atlanta, GAducati hypermotard 1100s (sandy springs) $8250
2008Monstern/a480004/09 21:53Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster 695 (Williamson, GA) $4800
1995n/a369504/09 18:57Atlanta, GADucati 900SS SP (Cumming) $3695
2001Monstern/a500004/08 16:29Atlanta, GA2001 Ducati Monster 900 (Atlanta) $5000
2008Hypermotardn/a829904/08 15:57Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Red 6-speed (Canton, GA) $8299
2012n/a990004/08 04:31Atlanta, GADucati 848 Corse SE (villa rica) $9900
2011n/a960004/08 01:13Atlanta, GADucati 848 evo (spartanburg) $9600
2003Monstern/a400004/07 20:54Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER (decatur) $4000
2009Monstern/a675004/07 19:49Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696, black (Roswell/ Alpharetta) $6750
2009Monstern/a675004/07 19:08Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696, black (Roswell/ Alpharetta) $6750
n/a1200004/07 18:15Atlanta, GAducati 999S (BRADENTON) $12000
n/a1190004/07 18:06Atlanta, GADucati 999s (SARASOTA) $11900
2009n/a1300004/07 03:18Atlanta, GA * 2009 white Ducati 1198 * (Lexington) $13000
2012Superbiken/a1000004/06 04:44Atlanta, GADucati : Superbike Ducati 848 Corse Special Edition
1999n/a550004/06 02:59Atlanta, GADucati 748 Monoposto (Pelham) $5500
2002ST4n/a529504/05 20:01Atlanta, GADucati 2002 ST4s (Greenville, SC) $5295
2012n/a1050004/05 19:54Atlanta, GADucati 848 Corse SE (villa rica) $10500
2009Monstern/a599804/05 19:19Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696 (Greenville) $5998
2009n/a680004/05 08:06Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monstet 696 (atlanta) $6800
2008Superbiken/a1241304/05 00:09Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati 1098 SuperBike CLEAN!!! (Marietta, GA ) $12413
2014Superbiken/a1549004/04 18:13Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
2013Diaveln/a1749004/04 17:58Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Diavel SALE PRICE (Marietta, GA ) $17490
2013Multistradan/a2250004/03 18:53Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Multistrada Granturismo (Anderson, SC) $22500
2011n/a899504/01 21:16Atlanta, GA** 2011 DUCATI 848 EVO** (MALL OF GA) $8995
2006Multistradan/a490004/01 16:17Atlanta, GA2006 Multistrada c620 for Sale $4900
2005Monstern/a630003/31 04:11Atlanta, GA2005 Ducati monster 800 (Conyers) $6300
n/a1580003/29 14:13Atlanta, GADUCATI SPORT CLASSIC (Woodstock) $15800
2003Monstern/a400003/28 16:56Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER (decatur) $4000
2005n/a400003/27 16:35Atlanta, GA2005 Ducati ST3 - Black (Marietta) $4000
2012Multistradan/a1550003/27 03:33Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati Multistrada (Cartersville) $15500
2008Hypermotardn/a829903/26 22:16Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Red 6-speed (Canton, GA) $8299
2008Monstern/a650003/26 18:01Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC) $6500
2014Superbiken/a1549003/26 16:07Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
Hypermotardn/a825003/25 23:17Atlanta, GAducati hypermotard 1100s (sandy springs) $8250
2006n/a900003/25 04:18Atlanta, GADucati 999 Testastretta Monoposto (Sumter) $9000
2012Streetfightern/a1050003/25 02:02Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848 Red (Athens) $10500
2009Monstern/a600003/24 14:30Atlanta, GA09 zx6r monster edition (warner robins) $6000
2001Monstern/a220003/23 18:26Atlanta, GA2001 Ducati 600 Monster (Gainesville) $2200
2006Monstern/a545003/23 15:32Atlanta, GADucati Monster 900 SP2 2006 (Fairburn) $5450
2009Monstern/a600003/21 23:54Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696 $6000
2010n/a1250003/19 16:31Atlanta, GA2010 Ducati 1198 (Chamblee) $12500
2011n/a960003/19 03:50Atlanta, GADucati 848 evo (spartanburg) $9600
2005Multistradan/a700003/17 23:06Atlanta, GA2005 Ducati Multistrada 1000S DS (Cumming ) $7000
2009Superbiken/a950003/15 02:08Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati 1198 Superbike (Midtown) $9500
2012Monstern/a931703/14 19:00Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati Monster 796 (Marietta, GA ) $9317
2013Diaveln/a1801303/14 18:51Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Diavel Carbon SALE PRICE (Marietta, GA) $18013
2004n/a720003/14 16:50Atlanta, GADucati 999 (Acworth) $7200
Monstern/a03/13 23:27Atlanta, GATraxxas Monster Buggy (Marietta) $300
2012n/a1125003/13 02:38Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati Streefighter 848 (Monroe, GA) $11250
2008n/a1150003/13 02:31Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati 1098 S - 3,649 Miles (Cumming) $11500
2013Diaveln/a1596003/12 20:09Atlanta, GA40049 2013 DUCATI DIAVEL CROMO (marietta) $15960
2008n/a750003/11 18:27Atlanta, GADucati 1100 (Brookhaven ) $7500
2006n/a690003/10 06:43Atlanta, GA2006 DUCATI 749S RED (DULUTH) $6900
2010n/a1070003/10 04:22Atlanta, GARare Ducati GT1000 2010 (Charleston, SC) $10700
2009Monstern/a950003/10 03:55Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 1100S (Road Atlanta) $9500
2003n/a700003/08 18:01Atlanta, GA2003 749 Red Ducati (Douglas county) $7000
2004n/a600003/07 06:41Atlanta, GADucati 999 (Buford ) $6000
2013Hypermotardn/a1250003/07 04:58Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Hypermotard SP (Birmingham) $12500
2003Superbiken/a160103/05 17:32Atlanta, GA2003 Brand new tires Superbike Ducati $1601
2009n/a1300003/04 21:05Atlanta, GA * 2009 white Ducati 1198 SP * (Lexington) $13000
2010Streetfightern/a1115003/04 19:16Atlanta, GA2010 Ducati Streetfighter (Lawrenceville, GA) $11150
2013Diaveln/a03/04 15:57Atlanta, GA2013 Ducati Diavel (Wagner Motorsports)
2003Superbiken/a160403/04 00:48Atlanta, GAGreat RIDE 2003 Superbike Ducati $1604
2003Superbiken/a159903/04 00:23Atlanta, GABest 2003 DUCATI 999 Superbike $1599
2009Monstern/a500003/02 18:01Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati Monster 696 Red/Blk 15k Miles (Buckhead) $5000
Monstern/a03/01 17:06Atlanta, GAO'Neal Monster Textile Jacket (Dacula, GA) $75
2005Monstern/a580003/01 00:59Atlanta, GADucati Monster S2R 800 For Sale (Midtown) $5800
2008Monstern/a470002/28 15:24Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster 695 (Williamson) $4700
2005Monstern/a263202/28 04:19Atlanta, GA2005 Ducati Monster 996 $2632
2004Multistradan/a510002/27 09:58Atlanta, GA2004 Ducati Multistrada (Montgomery) $5100
1993n/a420002/27 03:39Atlanta, GA1993 ducati 900ss (Gwinnett ) $4200
2011Superbiken/a950002/26 06:07Atlanta, GA2011 Ducati Superbike EVO (Sugar Hill) $9500
2003Streetfightern/a150002/25 22:18Atlanta, GA2003 buell blast streetfighter (Douglasville) $1500
2011n/a1590002/25 17:38Atlanta, GA2011 Ducati 1198 SP $15900
2003Streetfightern/a150002/24 22:43Atlanta, GA2003 Buell Blast Streetfighter (Douglasville) $1500
2003ST4n/a790002/24 05:07Atlanta, GA2003 Ducati ST4S (Leland, Ms) $7900
2008Hypermotardn/a799902/23 23:40Atlanta, GA08 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 cc (Alpharetta) $7999
2000ST4n/a490002/23 00:03Atlanta, GA2000 Ducati ST4 (Gainesville) $4900
2008Monstern/a675002/21 18:29Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC) $6750
2002n/a750002/20 17:10Atlanta, GA2002 DUCATI 998 AWESOME! (peachtree city) $7500
2010Multistradan/a1350002/20 04:57Atlanta, GADucati Multistrada 1200S Preowned (Bogart) $13500
2011Diaveln/a1239502/20 04:57Atlanta, GA2011 DUCATI DIAVEL (United States) $12395
2012Streetfightern/a1050002/20 04:55Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848 Red (Athens) $10500
2002n/a750002/19 20:35Atlanta, GA2002 DUCATI 998 (peachtree city) $7500
2004n/a220002/18 23:37Atlanta, GA2004 Ducati 800SS race bike (Cumming) $2200
2004Multistradan/a510002/18 09:28Atlanta, GA2004 Ducati Multistrada (Montgomery) $5100
2011n/a899502/17 21:34Atlanta, GA** 2011 DUCATI 848 EVO** (MALL OF GA) $8995
2010n/a1100002/16 20:11Atlanta, GARare Ducati GT1000 2010 (Charleston, SC) $11000
2012Multistradan/a1990002/16 19:26Atlanta, GADucati Multistrada Pikes Peak edition (Cleveland OH) $19900
2004Monstern/a420002/16 18:47Atlanta, GA2004 ducati monster s4r (Jackson ms) $4200
Monstern/a500002/14 00:30Atlanta, GA160+MPH MONSTER RACING KART (Rockmart) $5000
2008Hypermotardn/a02/13 21:28Atlanta, GADucati Hypermotard Parts (Alpharetta, Ga.)
2001n/a500002/12 06:52Atlanta, GA2001 Ducati 748 Corse (Cherokee, NC) $5000
2002ST4n/a480002/11 06:46Atlanta, GA2002 Ducati ST4 916cc (greeneville tn) $4800
2011n/a997002/07 18:51Atlanta, GA40180 2011 DUCATI STREET FIGHTER (marietta) $9970
2010n/a1299502/07 16:44Atlanta, GA2010 Ducati 1198 (Chamblee) $12995
2007n/a1000002/06 22:32Atlanta, GA2007 Ducati 1098 (Northeast ga) $10000
2012Monstern/a750002/06 14:48Atlanta, GADUCATI Monster 696ABS - 2012 (Dunwoody) $7500
2006n/a900002/05 18:16Atlanta, GADucati 999 Testastretta Monoposto (Sumter) $9000
2006n/a900002/05 18:14Atlanta, GADucati 999 Testastretta Monoposto (Sumter) $9000
2009n/a450002/05 05:54Atlanta, GA2009 ducati 848 (newnan, ga) $4500
2006Multistradan/a587102/04 19:00Atlanta, GA2006 Multistrada c620 for Sale $5871
2009n/a980002/03 03:10Atlanta, GA2009 Ducati 1198 Low Miles (Charleston, SC) $9800
1931Superbiken/a1080002/02 22:26Atlanta, GADucati 1098 Superbike (Stockbridge) $10800
2004Multistradan/a520001/30 02:54Atlanta, GA2004 Ducati Multistrada (Montgomery) $5200
2006n/a725001/29 20:16Atlanta, GA2006 Ducati 999 (atlanta) $7250
2012n/a1999501/28 17:47Atlanta, GA2012 Ducati 1199s Tricolore (Atlanta, GA) $19995
n/a01/28 16:23Atlanta, GADucati Technician (Roswell)
1999Monstern/a200001/27 21:35Atlanta, GA1999 Ducati Monster M750 (carrollton) $2000
2004Multistradan/a510001/27 16:57Atlanta, GAMultistrada for a Vstrom (Montgomery) $5100
2005n/a580001/27 00:57Atlanta, GA2005 Ducati ST3 - Black (Marietta) $5800
Superbiken/a950001/26 00:30Atlanta, GA1098 Ducati Superbike, 7,300 miles (South) $9500
2006n/a725001/25 20:28Atlanta, GA2006 Ducati 999 (atlanta) $7250
2007n/a850001/24 19:34Atlanta, GADucati 1098 (Savannah) $8500
2003Monstern/a430001/23 07:24Atlanta, GA2003 Ducati monster 800cc price drop (Kennesaw ) $4300
2006n/a749501/22 15:24Atlanta, GA2006 Ducati 999 (atlanta) $7495
2008Monstern/a480001/21 04:27Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster 695 (Williamson) $4800
2002Monstern/a01/17 22:09Atlanta, GA2002 Ducati Monster S4 Seat (Dunwoody) $75
2006n/a785001/16 18:28Atlanta, GA2006 Ducati 999 (atlanta) $7850
Monstern/a01/15 23:50Atlanta, GAAlpinestar monster energy (mcdonough) $350
2008Multistradan/a720001/15 03:53Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati 1100S Multistrada (Newnan) $7200
2014Superbiken/a1549001/11 19:06Atlanta, GA2014 Ducati 899 Panigale Superbike (Marietta) $15490
2013Monstern/a1050001/11 00:30Atlanta, GA2013 MONSTER LIMITED ZX14R IDITION $10500
2007n/a449501/10 20:43Atlanta, GADucati 2007 MTS1100 (Athens) $4495
2011Superbiken/a1000001/08 16:55Atlanta, GA2011 Ducati Superbike EVO (Sugar Hill) $10000
Monstern/a110001/08 07:07Atlanta, GAMini Monster Truck Go Cart (Dallas ) $1100
2008n/a600001/06 19:34Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati S2R 1000 (Enterprise, AL) $6000
2011n/a899501/05 21:11Atlanta, GA** 2011 DUCATI 848 EVO** (MALL OF GA) $8995
2007n/a780001/04 19:11Atlanta, GA2007 ducati 1098 (shelby) $7800
2001n/a600001/04 06:37Atlanta, GA2001 Ducati 996 (Roswell, GA) $6000
2008Monstern/a610001/02 23:35Atlanta, GA2008 Ducati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC) $6100
2010Streetfightern/a1020001/01 16:38Atlanta, GA2010 Ducati 1098 Streetfighter (Marietta) $10200
2004n/a720012/29 21:04Atlanta, GA2004 Ducati 999 (Acworth ) $7200
2004Multistradan/a520012/29 01:38Atlanta, GA2004 Ducati Multistrada (Montgomery) $5200
n/a699912/20 18:42Atlanta, GAducati 999 (atlanta)
2010Streetfightern/a958912/19 21:38Atlanta, GANEW!! 2010 DUCATI Streetfighter 1098 Red!! (chattanooga tn - PEM)
n/a1050012/19 04:53Atlanta, GADucati 848 evo 3600 miles (roswell)
Monstern/a7512/18 19:34Atlanta, GADucati Monster S4 Seat (Dunwoody)
n/a750012/18 07:56Atlanta, GADucati 1100 (Brookhaven )
Streetfightern/a1149912/17 20:28Atlanta, GADucati Streetfighter 1098 S (Marietta, GA )
-1n/a7512/14 18:56Atlanta, GADucati 848 Solo Seat Cowl New (ringgold)
-1n/a499512/13 04:44Atlanta, GADucati 2007 MTS1100 (Athens)
-1Monstern/a170012/12 17:56Atlanta, GAKX 65 real Monster Energy Edition (Dawsonville )
2009Monstern/a600012/11 15:50Atlanta, GAzx6r monster edition (warner robins)
2005n/a810012/11 08:12Atlanta, GADucati 999 Red 999R wheels, Termi, HID (Atlanta)
1995n/a350012/11 04:27Atlanta, GADUCATI 900 SS (Dallas,Ga)
-1Monstern/a120012/10 20:55Atlanta, GA** Fresh 2003 KX 65 w/ Monster Graphic Kit ** (Dahlonega)
2010Superbiken/a1449912/10 19:40Atlanta, GADucati Superbike 1198 S (Andover, NJ)
2009Superbiken/a1399912/10 19:33Atlanta, GADucati Superbike 1198 S (Andover, NJ)
2012Superbiken/a1049912/10 19:29Atlanta, GADucati Superbike 848 EVO (Andover, NJ)
-1Monstern/a500012/10 18:32Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER CROMO 900 (CHARLESTON)
-1n/a900012/09 21:18Atlanta, GADucati 999 Testastretta Monoposto (Sumter)
-1Streetfightern/a180012/07 21:20Atlanta, GAYahama Streetfighter 1997 (lilburn)
2010n/a1150012/06 18:00Atlanta, GADucati Multistrad like New (East Cobb )
-1Monstern/a170012/05 17:06Atlanta, GAKx 65 Monster Edition (dawsonville)
2005Multistradan/a299512/05 02:52Atlanta, GADucati Multistrada 1000S DS (Athens)
2007n/a1000012/04 17:45Atlanta, GADucati GT1000 6200 miles (Chattanooga)
2004Monstern/a375012/03 18:46Atlanta, GADucati Monster 620ie DARK 13k miles (East Atlanta)
-1n/a875012/03 05:08Atlanta, GADucati 1098 (Savannah )
-1Monstern/a390012/02 22:35Atlanta, GALOOK *** 2005 Ducati Monster 620 (Macon/Warner Robins)
-1Monstern/a390012/02 22:34Atlanta, GALOOK *** 2005 Ducati Monster 620 (Macon/Warner Robins)
-1Monstern/a40012/01 21:48Atlanta, GAMonster energy theme 2 seater go cart (gainesville)
2008Monstern/a480012/01 21:28Atlanta, GADucati Monster 695 (Williamson, GA)
-1n/a899511/30 05:46Atlanta, GADucati 853 (Cumming)
2001n/a450011/29 08:54Atlanta, GADucati ST4 Spt.Touring w/Bags (Austell)
-1n/a469911/27 07:01Atlanta, GA999 ducati
2002Monstern/a300011/26 07:34Atlanta, GADucati monster 750cc (Gwinnett county)
2013Monstern/a675011/26 01:47Atlanta, GADucati 796 Monster ABS only 1046 miles! (Mcminnville TN)
2009n/a550011/25 07:39Atlanta, GADucati - Only 3000 Miles (Atlanta)
-1n/a511/24 14:47Atlanta, GADucati 999 for sale
2008Monstern/a610011/24 01:02Atlanta, GADucati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC)
2004Monstern/a499511/23 15:09Atlanta, GADucati Monster 1000 SIE (Canton)
-1Hypermotardn/a7511/21 09:34Atlanta, GADucati Hypermotard stock seat saddle (East Atlanta Village)
1999n/a575011/21 02:15Atlanta, GADucati 996 Diposto Super Bike (Cumming, GA)
2007Monstern/a1100011/20 06:39Atlanta, GA*** Ducati Monster S4RS *** Super clean (Atlanta)
2012n/a1099511/20 01:44Atlanta, GADucati F848 Red
2012n/a2399511/20 01:12Atlanta, GADucati 1199S Panigale Tricolore
2008n/a800011/19 23:09Atlanta, GADucati 848 (Smyrna/Vinings)
2005Monstern/a350011/19 19:48Atlanta, GADUCATI MONSTER 1000 SALVAGE TITLE.... (GROVETOWN GA.)
-1n/a497511/19 18:09Atlanta, GA999 ducati
2003Monstern/a390011/18 07:13Atlanta, GADucati monster 800cc price drop (Kennesaw )
2002Monstern/a7511/17 23:25Atlanta, GADucati Monster S4 Seat (Dunwoody)
2013n/a2400011/16 19:50Atlanta, GADucati 1199S "Tricolore" (Alpharetta)
2000Streetfightern/a200011/15 05:39Atlanta, GAzx6r streetfighter/stunt bike (Marietta )
2012n/a2390011/14 22:19Atlanta, GADucati 1199 Panigale S Tri Colore (Florida)
2012n/a1099511/13 23:58Atlanta, GADUCATI F848 RED
-1n/a1250011/13 22:43Atlanta, GA2010 Ducati Multistrad OBO (East Cobb )
2007Multistradan/a629511/13 01:09Atlanta, GADucati multistrada (athens)
2012n/a1200011/13 00:19Atlanta, GADucati 848 EVO - 4k Miles - (Norcross)
2012n/a2399511/13 00:18Atlanta, GADUCATI 1199S TRICOLORE
2012n/a1600011/12 23:59Atlanta, GADUCATI MS1200S RED
1999Superbiken/a500011/12 22:46Atlanta, GADucati 748 superbike Trades Welcome (cobb county)
-1Multistradan/a1350011/12 20:58Atlanta, GADucati Multistrada 1200S Preowned (Bogart)
2012n/a1279511/12 20:52Atlanta, GADucati 848 Evo Campaign (Athens)
2012n/a1279511/12 20:50Atlanta, GADucati 848 Evo Campaign (Athens)
2007Multistradan/a490011/12 20:11Atlanta, GADucati Multistrada / Low Miles (Duluth)
2002Monstern/a450011/12 16:17Atlanta, GADucati Monster S4 (Decatur)
2010n/a1500011/12 07:08Atlanta, GADucati 848 carbon fiber. $18000 obo (snellville)
1990Streetfightern/a180011/12 04:20Atlanta, GAFZR1000 streetfighter project (Hall co.)
2008Monstern/a650011/11 21:51Atlanta, GADucati Monster S2R1000 (Charlotte, NC)
-1n/a1011/11 21:37Atlanta, GADucati 748 / 916 / 996 Parts (Auburn, GA)
-1Monstern/a680011/10 05:17Atlanta, GADUCATI (2013 blk) MONSTER 696 (Hinesville)
-1Monstern/a570011/10 01:58Atlanta, GADucati S2R1000 Monster 2008 (Charleston, SC)
2006Monstern/a150011/09 08:18Atlanta, GAkx 85 monster energy (Elberton)