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There are 400 motorcycles listed for sale, with 363 listed in the past 7 days.

Recent prices range between $950 and $500701 .

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400 motorcycles listed for sale, with 363 listed in the past 7 days - most prices between $950 and $500701 .

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2013XRn/a6999Ft Collins, CO
2005XRn/a3800Colorado Springs, CO
1997XRn/a2250Seattle, WA
2003XRn/aColumbus, OH
1986XRn/aDenver, CO
1986XRn/aBoulder, CO
2002XRn/a3900Corpus Christi, TX
2003XRn/a1500Orange county, CA
2001XRn/aColorado Springs, CO
2002XRn/a3900Houston, TX
2005XRn/a4500Los Angeles, CA
2000XRn/aLouisville, KY
1987XRn/a1500Phoenix, AZ
XRn/aWorcester, MA
2012XRn/a4999Raleigh / Durham, NC
XRn/aColorado Springs, CO
2014XRn/a6690Harrisburg, PA
2000XRn/a1700Colorado (west slope), CO
2003XRn/aGreenville, SC
1996XRn/a2200Sacramento, CA
XRn/aDelaware, DE
2000XRn/a1600Cleveland, OH
2012XRn/a4800Charlotte, NC
2003XRn/aAsheville, NC
2003XRn/aCharlotte, NC
2013XRn/a6350Waterloo, IA
2004XRn/a1050Texas (eastern), TX
1983XRn/a1400Tulsa, OK
2002XRn/a3000Maryland (southern), MD
1979XRn/aSeattle, WA
2000XRn/aNew Jersey (southern), NJ
2001XRn/a3948Siskiyou county, CA
2003XRn/aWinston-Salem, NC
2008XRn/a3499Chicago, IL
XRn/a2950Washington, DC
XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
2004XRn/a1050Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
XRn/a2200Indianapolis, IN
1983XRn/aDayton, OH
2007XRn/a4650St Louis, MO
2003XRn/a1000Long Island, NY
2002XRn/a1100New York City, NY
1999XRn/a950Orlando, FL
2000XRn/a1188Orlando, FL
2002XRn/a1188Orlando, FL
XRn/aRaleigh / Durham, NC
1999XRn/a2600Los Angeles, CA
2006XRn/a2900Las Cruces, NM
2001XRn/a2500Flagstaff, AZ
2000XRn/aChicago, IL
XRn/a5000Orange county, CA
2000XRn/aTucson, AZ
1973XRn/aLos Angeles, CA
1997XRn/a1350Modesto, CA
2000XRn/aVentura county, CA
XRn/aAnchorage, AK
2001XRn/a1200Sacramento, CA
XRn/a3500Orange county, CA
1985XRn/aYuba / Sutter, CA
1977XRn/aPortland, OR
2001XRn/aMaryland (eastern), MD
2001XRn/a1000Pittsburgh, PA
1999XRn/a2500Seattle, WA
XRn/aLos Angeles, CA
1999XRn/a1000Portland, OR
2001XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
XRn/aGeorgia (nortwest), GA
1997XRn/a1500Phoenix, AZ
1997XRn/aLas Vegas, NV
1999XRn/a1600Seattle, WA
1983XRn/a1500Kennewick, WA
2002XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
2013XRn/aNew York City, NY
2007XRn/a4850Orange county, CA
2006XRn/a2999Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
2007XRn/a4850Los Angeles, CA
XRn/aSacramento, CA
2002XRn/a2250Riverside, CA
2003XRn/a1100New Jersey (northern), NJ
1986XRn/aBirmingham, AL
XRn/aTri-Cities, TN
2016XRn/a2300San Francisco, CA
2001XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
1979XRn/aSeattle, WA
2014XRn/a6690Spokane, WA
2000XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
2012XRn/a4500Hilton Head, SC
2000XRn/aCharlotte, NC
XRn/aSt Louis, MO
2000XRn/a1500St Louis, MO
1999XRn/aNew Haven, CT
2003XRn/a1000Texas (eastern), TX
XRn/aOrlando, FL
2000XRn/aNew Jersey (shore), NJ
2002XRn/a1000Fargo, ND
1999XRn/a3000Ventura county, CA
1986XRn/aSacramento, CA
XRn/aMaryland (eastern), MD
1999XRn/a3000Los Angeles, CA
XRn/a5775San Francisco, CA
1983XRn/aSpace Coast, FL
1983XRn/aTreasure Coast, FL
2001XRn/a3500Redding, CA
2004XRn/a3200Las Vegas, NV
2004XRn/a3200Riverside, CA
1979XRn/aBellingham, WA
2004XRn/a4000Huntington, WV
2002XRn/aLouisville, KY
2003XRn/a1050Wichita, KS
1998XRn/aWinston-Salem, NC
2003XRn/aPortland, OR
2001XRn/a2000Los Angeles, CA
2004XRn/aBoston, MA
1994XRn/a5995Salem, OR
2003XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
2009XRn/a4395Missouri (southeast), MO
XRn/aReno, NV
1996XRn/a2300Sacramento, CA
XRn/a3500Knoxville, TN
2003XRn/aSacramento, CA
XRn/aLouisville, KY
XRn/a1000Los Angeles, CA
1995XRn/a1250Boise, ID
XRn/aNashville, TN
XRn/a4000Honolulu, HI
1997XRn/aSouth Bend, MI
1996XRn/a2500Space Coast, FL
2014XRn/a6690Orange county, CA
2003XRn/a1150St Cloud, MN
2001XRn/aSeattle, WA
XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
2001XRn/aMinneapolis, MN
2000XRn/aNashville, TN
2008XRn/a4500Yakima, WA
2001XRn/a3500San Diego, CA
1981XRn/aLos Angeles, CA
XRn/a1000Phoenix, AZ
1991XRn/a1800Fresno, CA
2002XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
2002XRn/a3200San Diego, CA
2002XRn/a100000Seattle, WA
2002XRn/a1000Indianapolis, IN
2003XRn/aSeattle, WA
2002XRn/a1000Charlotte, NC
XRn/aYoungstown, OH
2009XRn/a1800Seattle, WA
2001XRn/a1150Colorado Springs, CO
2003XRn/aNew York (catskills), NY
XRn/a1400Muncie, IN
XRn/a3500Phoenix, AZ
1999XRn/aBoston, MA
2003XRn/aNashville, TN
2002XRn/aPortland, OR
2001XRn/aMaryland (southern), MD
XRn/a1000New York City, NY
2001XRn/aWashington, DC
2009XRn/a4499Oklahoma City, OK
2012XRn/a4500North Carolina (eastern), NC
2001XRn/a3000Seattle, WA
1993XRn/a2499Portland, OR
2003XRn/aKnoxville, TN
1994XRn/a3000San Francisco, CA
2004XRn/a1850Riverside, CA
2008XRn/a2995Las Vegas, NV
2002XRn/a2700El Paso, TX
2002XRn/aNorth Carolina (eastern), NC
2008XRn/a4499Boise, ID
2003XRn/aLehigh Valley, PA
2003XRn/aNew Jersey (northern), NJ
2003XRn/aNew Jersey (central), NJ
2003XRn/aPhiladelphia, PA
1993XRn/a2495Salem, OR
1996XRn/a1250Twin Falls, ID
2013XRn/aColorodo (eastern), CO
1995XRn/a1900Portland, OR
2002XRn/a2200Providence, RI
2001XRn/aReno, NV
2015XRn/a6690San Francisco, CA
2002XRn/a2200Maine (south coast), MA
XRn/a2300Minneapolis, MN
2002XRn/aPortland, OR
XRn/a1000Spokane, WA
2000XRn/aPortland, OR
XRn/aMissoula, MT
2002XRn/aOregon (eastern), OR
2002XRn/aSalem, OR
2013XRn/aOmaha, NE
2002XRn/aBend, OR
2002XRn/aOregon (coast), OR
XRn/a3499Atlanta, GA
XRn/aDallas / Fort Worth, TX
2002XRn/aPortland, OR
2002XRn/aCorvallis, OR
2001XRn/a1100North Carolina (eastern), NC
XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
2003XRn/aSt Louis, MO
1997XRn/a1600Minneapolis, MN
2007XRn/a4500Phoenix, AZ
1999XRn/a500701Fargo, ND
1999XRn/aOrange county, CA
XRn/aBinghamton, NY
2001XRn/a2900Spokane, WA
XRn/aTuscaloosa, AL
1981XRn/a1400Atlanta, GA
1980XRn/aPueblo, CO
2003XRn/aYork, PA
2009XRn/a4950Carbondale, IL
XRn/aCincinnati, OH
1987XRn/aNew London, CT
2014XRn/a6149Akron / Canton, OH
1986XRn/aAustin, TX
2003XRn/aBowling Green, KY
2003XRn/aLexington, KY
2003XRn/aKentucky (eastern), KY
2003XRn/aLouisville, KY
XRn/a1000Akron / Canton, OH
1979XRn/aLancaster, PA
1986XRn/aWashington, DC
1992XRn/aBattle Creek, MI
2002XRn/a1050Louisville, KY
2003XRn/aFrederick, MD
2003XRn/aMartinsburg, WV
2003XRn/aMaryland (western), MD
2000XRn/aNew Jersey (southern), NJ
2002XRn/aPeoria, IL
2007XRn/a4200Minneapolis, MN
2002XRn/aNew Jersey (shore), NJ
1986XRn/a1250Indianapolis, IN
2003XRn/a1000Nashville, TN
2003XRn/aKansas City, MO
2003XRn/aTulsa, OK
2003XRn/a2000San Francisco, CA
1985XRn/aEugene, OR
2003XRn/aLexington, KY
2003XRn/a2600Orange county, CA
1996XRn/a2600Riverside, CA
2000XRn/a1500Gulfport, MS
2001XRn/aLong Island, NY
1997XRn/a1900Boise, ID
2001XRn/aAppleton, WI
1999XRn/aBaltimore, MD
1986XRn/aVentura county, CA
1981XRn/aSacramento, CA
2002XRn/a1000Redding, CA
2000XRn/aSan Diego, CA
XRn/a1000Hampton Roads, VA
1998XRn/a2500Chico, CA
2002XRn/a4200Los Angeles, CA
XRn/aTri-Cities, TN
2003XRn/aOrange county, CA
1979XRn/aKennewick, WA
1989XRn/aRaleigh / Durham, NC
1996XRn/aPortland, OR
2000XRn/a2250San Francisco, CA
1991XRn/a1500Memphis, TN
XRn/a1500Sacramento, CA
2002XRn/aFredericksburg, VA
1985XRn/aPortland, OR
2007XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
1976XRn/a1000Michigan (southwest), MI
2003XRn/aNew Hampshire, NH
1995XRn/aNew Jersey (northern), NJ
1999XRn/aSeattle, WA
1990XRn/a1500Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
1992XRn/a2200Reading, PA
1980XRn/aChico, CA
2013XRn/a5500Kansas City, MO
2001XRn/aMemphis, TN
2009XRn/a3800Tucson, AZ
2001XRn/a3500Redding, CA
XRn/aMartinsburg, WV
2002XRn/a1200Milwaukee, WI
1997XRn/a2650San Diego, CA
2003XRn/aWisconsin (northern), WI
1980XRn/aSacramento, CA
1975XRn/aDallas / Fort Worth, TX
1999XRn/aDelaware, DE
1997XRn/aSpokane, WA
2004XRn/a3200Idaho (eastern), ID
2003XRn/aNew Jersey (southern), NJ
1986XRn/aSarasota, FL
2008XRn/a3500Texas (eastern), TX
1986XRn/aRochester, NY
2002XRn/a1600Riverside, CA
2000XRn/aSpokane, WA
2003XRn/aRichmond, VA
XRn/aGreensboro, NC
1982XRn/aJacksonville, FL
2000XRn/aNashville, TN
2002XRn/a1000Poconos, PA
XRn/aRaleigh / Durham, NC
2006XRn/a4495Monterey Bay, CA
XRn/aCharlotte, NC
2004XRn/aSan Diego, CA
XRn/a2500New Jersey (northern), NJ
1983XRn/a2100Denver, CO
XRn/a1700San Francisco, CA
1998XRn/aSpringfield, IL
2002XRn/aSacramento, CA
2007XRn/aDenver, CO
XRn/a1000Portland, OR
2002XRn/a2200Los Angeles, CA
XRn/a1000Seattle, WA
1988XRn/a1200Lehigh Valley, PA
1981XRn/aOrange county, CA
1987XRn/a1150Charlotte, NC
2003XRn/aFt Collins, CO
2008XRn/a4200Tampa, FL
XRn/aSpringfield, MO
XRn/aWinston-Salem, NC
2001XRn/aAlbuquerque, NM
2004XRn/a3000Watertown, NY
1974XRn/a1500Pittsburgh, PA
1996XRn/aMassachusetts (western), MA
1994XRn/aLexington, KY
2004XRn/a3000Washington, DC
1997XRn/aSeattle, WA
2003XRn/a975Stockton, CA
1973XRn/aLa Salle, IL
2003XRn/a1495Williamsport, PAHonda : XR 2003 HONDA XR100 DIRT BIKE VERY NICE MACHINE!
2003XRn/a600Atlanta, GAHonda : XR 2003 Honda XR70
1983XRn/aFresno, CAHonda : XR 1983 Honda XR350 Licensed for the Street
1979XRn/aPalm Springs, CAHonda : XR 1979 Honda XR 80
2014XRn/a4000Prescott, AZHonda : XR Honda XR650L / Red, White & Black / 48mo Hondacare Protection Plan is transfer
1975XRn/a2399Chicago, ILHonda : XR Vintage Honda XR75 1975 Restored AHRMA Mini Trail XR 75 SL70 S90 Z50 CT70
2002XRn/a750Quincy, ILHonda : XR Honda XR70R Youth Dirt Bike--99% Condition--perfect
2004XRn/aWashington, DCHonda : XR HONDA XR650L
1976XRn/a3195Nashville, TNHonda : XR Honda XR 75 Vintage AHRMA Mini Racer XR75 K3 Restored XR75 Last Year of 1st Gen
2000XRn/aBrainerd, MNHonda : XR 2000 Honda XR50 with Spare Parts
2002XRn/aRedding, CAHonda : XR 2002 Honda XR 80
XRn/a1080Los Angeles, CAHonda : XR 2002 HONDA XR 100, Excellent Condition
1994XRn/aLos Angeles, CAHonda : XR HONDA XR600R 1994 Bike Motorcycle Upgraded K & N Power Bomb Header
1986XRn/aBoone, NCHonda : XR 1986 honda xr80r in excellent condition
1983XRn/aFresno, CAHonda : XR 1983 Honda XR350 Licensed for the Street
1993XRn/aLos Angeles, CAHonda : XR 1993 Honda XR250L Off-Road 250cc NO RESERVE
2003XRn/a1495Williamsport, PAHonda : XR 2003 HONDA XR100 DIRT BIKE VERY NICE MACHINE!
1978XRn/a3500Sacramento, CAHonda : XR 1978 HONDA XR75
XRn/aDallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda : XR Honda XR650R 2007 SM xr, dr, yz, kx,
1998XRn/aKirksville, MOHonda : XR Honda Z50R Z50 1998 Super Nice and Bone Stock Low Hour
1978XRn/a2500La Crosse, WIHonda : XR 1978 Honda XR75 XR 75 AHMRA Vintage minibike mx motocross cr tt yz ttr elsinore
XRn/a1500Enid, OKHonda : XR 2002 Honda XR 600R
2002XRn/aRedding, CAHonda : XR 2002 Honda XR 80
1976XRn/a3195Nashville, TNHonda : XR Honda XR 75 Vintage AHRMA Mini Racer XR75 K3 Restored XR75 Last Year of 1st Gen
1978XRn/a1400Lafayette, INHonda : XR 1978 HONDA XR75
1979XRn/aRochester, NYHonda : XR 1979 Honda Xr 80 Xr80
1995XRn/aHartford, CTHonda : XR 1995 Honda XR100
1996XRn/aSan Diego, CAHonda : XR 1996 Honda XR600R Dual Sport Plated Street Legal
1977XRn/a500Muncie, INHonda : XR 1977 Honda XL./XR75
1994XRn/aMemphis, TNHonda : XR Supermoto supermotard 1994 Honda XR650L great condition, many mods and extras
2001XRn/aOcala, FLHonda : XR 2001 HONDA XR650L Dual Sport
1985XRn/a2500San Diego, CAHonda : XR 1985 Honda XR350R, Vintage, Original, Clean
1975XRn/aChicago, ILHonda : XR Vintage Custom Honda XR75 XR 75 SL 70 Z 50
XRn/aAuburn, ALHonda : XR Vintage Honda XR 75
1975XRn/aLos Angeles, CAHonda : XR 1975 Honda XR 75, Motocross, 1 Owner Bike!
2006XRn/aDallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda : XR Honda XR650R 2006 SM xr, dr, yz, kx,