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Honda XR in USA - all cities

This report shows 400 motorcycles listed for sale, with 389 listed in the past 7 days.

Recent prices range between $400 and $123456 .

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Title & Link

1998XRn/aCharlotte, NC
2003XRn/a1100Cincinnati, OH
1982XRn/aWashington, DC
2001XRn/a1000Portland, OR
1988XRn/a1200San Francisco, CA
XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
1995XRn/a2500Seattle, WA
2000XRn/a2000Bakersfield, CA
XRn/aAlbuquerque, NM
1984XRn/a1000Portland, OR
2001XRn/aSt Louis, MO
1982XRn/a1200Seattle, WA
2003XRn/aCorvallis, OR
2000XRn/a2600Sacramento, CA
2001XRn/a2800San Francisco, CA
2006XRn/a3750Riverside, CA
2003XRn/aKennewick, WA
1995XRn/aSacramento, CA
2000XRn/a1200Little Rock, AR
2001XRn/a3200Orange county, CA
2000XRn/aOrange county, CA
1980XRn/aPueblo, CO
1986XRn/a1300Portland, OR
2002XRn/a1150Texas (eastern), TX
1997XRn/aRiverside, CA
1984XRn/a1000Lincoln, NE
2004XRn/a2300Springfield, MO
1997XRn/aMedford, OR
2002XRn/a2000San Francisco, CA
2003XRn/a1998Sacramento, CA
2002XRn/aPeoria, IL
1986XRn/aNew Jersey (southern), NJ
1986XRn/aNew Jersey (shore), NJ
1986XRn/aNew Jersey (central), NJ
2000XRn/a1600Huntington, WV
1995XRn/a1450Seattle, WA
2000XRn/aReno, NV
1992XRn/aSeattle, WA
2002XRn/a1000Muskegon, MI
XRn/aKansas City, MO
2003XRn/aAsheville, NC
2003XRn/a4200Tuscarawas, OH
2002XRn/aMattoon, IL
1984XRn/a1500Portland, OR
1984XRn/a1500Seattle, WA
2001XRn/aBoston, MA
2003XRn/aNew York (hudson valley), NY
2002XRn/aTerre Haute, IN
2002XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
1998XRn/aChattanooga, TN
2003XRn/aPortland, OR
1990XRn/aGold Country, CA
1996XRn/a1750Denver, CO
1994XRn/a2500Seattle, WA
2002XRn/a1800Oklahoma City, OK
2003XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
2001XRn/aAtlanta, GA
1998XRn/aSeattle, WA
2002XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
1996XRn/a1750Detroit, MI
2000XRn/a1750Detroit, MI
1981XRn/a1800Miami, FL
XRn/aSacramento, CA
2004XRn/a3200Huntington, WV
2000XRn/a1800Sacramento, CA
2006XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
2000XRn/a1500Ventura county, CA
2000XRn/a1500San Luis Obispo, CA
1993XRn/a2200Duluth, WI
2003XRn/aSpringfield, MO
XRn/aWorcester, MA
2002XRn/aColumbia, SC
1982XRn/aSpokane, WA
2000XRn/a1500Santa Barbara, CA
1999XRn/aPhoenix, AZ
1987XRn/aHartford, CT
2003XRn/aMaryland (eastern), MD
2003XRn/a1100Charlotte, NC
2003XRn/a1100Charlotte, NC
2003XRn/a1100Charlotte, NC
2001XRn/aLong Island, NY
XRn/aLansing, MI
2002XRn/a1500Maine, ME
1985XRn/a1000Grand Island, MI
1997XRn/a1500Birmingham, AL
2000XRn/a3500Duluth, WI
2007XRn/a3000New Hampshire, NH
2000XRn/a2400Reno, NV
2002XRn/aMuskegon, MI
2003XRn/aPhoenix, AZ
2012XRn/a5200Phoenix, AZ
2007XRn/a4300Seattle, WA
1993XRn/a2000Seattle, WA
2003XRn/aRiverside, CA
2002XRn/aGreenville, SC
XRn/aConnecticut (northwest), CT
1986XRn/aSeattle, WA
2001XRn/a1800Cincinnati, OH
2003XRn/a1900Tucson, AZ
XRn/aSeattle, WA
1999XRn/a1400Raleigh / Durham, NC
1995XRn/a1500Detroit, MI
1981XRn/aSt George, UT
2005XRn/aJacksonville, FL
XRn/a1000Louisville, KY
2003XRn/a1400Maryland (eastern), MD
2004XRn/a1500Atlanta, GA
2001XRn/aAtlanta, GA
2001XRn/aChattanooga, TN
XRn/a1000Battle Creek, MI
2009XRn/a4300Medford, OR
2003XRn/aBoise, ID
1988XRn/aCleveland, OH
XRn/a1300San Luis Obispo, CA
2001XRn/aColumbia, SC
2003XRn/aMinneapolis, MN
2003XRn/aSacramento, CA
1998XRn/a1700San Luis Obispo, CA
1992XRn/a1900Seattle, WA
2003XRn/aWinston-Salem, NC
2000XRn/a1800Colorado Springs, CO
2003XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
2008XRn/a6000Sarasota, FL
2002XRn/aDallas / Fort Worth, TX
2001XRn/a2350Albany, NY
2003XRn/aCharlotte, NC
1998XRn/aSeattle, WA
XRn/aNew York (hudson valley), NY
2002XRn/a1100Worcester, MA
2000XRn/a2000Detroit, MI
2007XRn/a1800Springfield, MO
2004XRn/a2000Baton Rouge, LA
XRn/aLong Island, NY
2000XRn/aRichmond, VA
XRn/aNew Jersey (northern), NJ
2000XRn/aWashington, DC
1980XRn/aRaleigh / Durham, NC
1997XRn/a1100Duluth, WI
1987XRn/aPortland, OR
2003XRn/aKansas City, MO
1974XRn/aColumbus, OH
2003XRn/aMinneapolis, MN
1995XRn/a3500New Jersey (southern), NJ
2003XRn/a1200Long Island, NY
1995XRn/a1500West Virginia (southern), WV
2003XRn/aHouston, TX
2005XRn/aMaine (south coast), MA
1995XRn/a1900Portland, OR
2006XRn/a3750Riverside, CA
1986XRn/a1800Worcester, MA
2003XRn/a1000Connecticut (northwest), CT
2003XRn/a3000Portland, OR
1995XRn/a1200Massachusetts (western), MA
2002XRn/a2650Phoenix, AZ
2008XRn/a3500Blacksburg, VA
2003XRn/aBoston, MA
2000XRn/aLittle Rock, AR
2000XRn/a2750Boulder, CO
1986XRn/aPhoenix, AZ
1986XRn/a1200Chillicothe, OH
2001XRn/aColorado Springs, CO
2004XRn/a1900Seattle, WA
2001XRn/aGreensboro, NC
2009XRn/a4500Brunswick, GA
2000XRn/a2500Medford, OR
1998XRn/a1500Colorado (high rockies), CO
XRn/aAltoona /Johnstown, PA
1985XRn/aIndianapolis, IN
2008XRn/a3500Albany, NY
2005XRn/a3800Spokane, WA
XRn/a1600Holland, MI
1997XRn/aKansas City, MO
1982XRn/a1100Las Cruces, NM
1997XRn/a2200Riverside, CA
2003XRn/aNew Hampshire, NH
XRn/aFt Myers, FL
2002XRn/aDetroit, MI
2008XRn/a3500Roanoke, VA
2002XRn/aBoston, MA
2004XRn/aPhiladelphia, PA
2003XRn/aPittsburgh, PA
2004XRn/aSacramento, CA
2000XRn/a2000Las Vegas, NV
XRn/aCape Cod, MA
1994XRn/a2500Seattle, WA
2014XRn/a6000Albuquerque, NM
2002XRn/aCharlotte, NC
1999XRn/a1000Atlanta, GA
XRn/aKnoxville, TN
1993XRn/a1700Colorado Springs, CO
2000XRn/aAsheville, NC
1991XRn/a2000Meadville, PA
XRn/aBaltimore, MD
1998XRn/a1700Idaho (eastern), ID
1999XRn/aLansing, MI
2002XRn/aBoise, ID
XRn/a1700Riverside, CA
2002XRn/aYork, PA
1995XRn/aSalem, OR
1991XRn/a2000Erie, PA
1993XRn/a2000Atlanta, GA
XRn/aHuntsville, AL
2002XRn/aVentura county, CA
2003XRn/a2400Michigan (northern), MI
2000XRn/aHuntington, WV
2008XRn/a5000Jacksonville, FL
1995XRn/a1650Oklahoma City, OK
2002XRn/aMuscle Shoals, AL
2003XRn/aNew Hampshire, NH
2003XRn/aIndianapolis, IN
2003XRn/aWashington, DC
1982XRn/aSeattle, WA
1998XRn/a1700Wausau, WI
2003XRn/a1200Houston, TX
2001XRn/aMonterey Bay, CA
2002XRn/aWashington, DC
2002XRn/aLouisville, KY
2000XRn/aFredericksburg, VA
2002XRn/a3200New London, CT
1989XRn/a1100Charlotte, NC
XRn/aKnoxville, TN
1999XRn/aSan Francisco, CA
XRn/a2000Augusta, GA
1983XRn/a1000Maine (south coast), MA
1989XRn/aBinghamton, NY
1994XRn/a2200Santa Barbara, CA
1996XRn/a1700Cincinnati, OH
2002XRn/a2995Pittsburgh, PA
XRn/aNashville, TN
2002XRn/aDenver, CO
1996XRn/a1200Maine, ME
XRn/aPhiladelphia, PA
1982XRn/aNew Hampshire, NH
2004XRn/a2500Pensacola, FL
2002XRn/aBaltimore, MD
1996XRn/a2200Reading, PA
2001XRn/aRiverside, CA
1995XRn/aMyrtle Beach, SC
XRn/a1500San Francisco, CA
2002XRn/aKansas City, MO
2001XRn/aMinneapolis, MN
XRn/aMaine (south coast), MA
1983XRn/a1000Maine (south coast), MA
1993XRn/a1500Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
2004XRn/a1500Lehigh Valley, PA
2004XRn/a1500Reading, PA
2004XRn/a1500Philadelphia, PA
2002XRn/aColorado Springs, CO
2000XRn/aErie, PA
2003XRn/aDelaware, DE
XRn/aCharlotte, NC
XRn/aGreensboro, NC
1996XRn/aMiami, FL
XRn/aWinston-Salem, NC
XRn/aFt Myers, FL
2000XRn/aNew Jersey (central), NJ
1980XRn/a1050Portland, OR
1981XRn/aOregon (coast), OR
2002XRn/a2600Dayton, OH
1984XRn/aBoise, ID
XRn/aSan Angelo, TX
1985XRn/a1000Chicago, IL
2003XRn/aVentura county, CA
XRn/aAustin, TX
2001XRn/aMinneapolis, MN
1996XRn/a2200Kalamazoo, MI
1983XRn/aBoise, ID
XRn/aDel Rio, TX
1989XRn/a1600Flint, MI
2003XRn/aLong Island, NY
2001XRn/aMaryland (southern), MD
XRn/aBoise, ID
XRn/aNew Jersey (northern), NJ
2003XRn/aNew Jersey (southern), NJ
1998XRn/aNew Jersey (northern), NJ
2004XRn/a1750Kansas City, MO
2004XRn/a1750St Louis, MO
2002XRn/aBowling Green, KY
2003XRn/aEvansville, IN
2013XRn/a5600Springfield, MO
2013XRn/a5600St Louis, MO
1993XRn/aIthaca, NY
1990XRn/aRichmond, VA
2003XRn/aWorcester, MA
2001XRn/a1395New Hampshire, NH
1991XRn/aBirmingham, AL
2002XRn/aSt Augustine, FL
2002XRn/aJacksonville, FL
1988XRn/aSalem, OR
2003XRn/aMassachusetts (western), MA
XRn/aTreasure Coast, FL
1986XRn/aVentura county, CA
2016XRn/aPortland, OR
2016XRn/aPortland, OR
2003XRn/aSalem, OR
XRn/a1000San Francisco, CA
1996XRn/a1800Spokane, WA
2002XRn/aLexington, KY
1993XRn/a1450Denver, CO
1983XRn/aSacramento, CA
XRn/a1000Bend, OR
XRn/a2800Spokane, WA
XRn/aGreensboro, NC
XRn/aRoanoke, VA
XRn/a2800Spokane, WA
2002XRn/a1000Galveston, TX
1996XRn/a2200Portland, OR
1985XRn/aOrange county, CA
XRn/a1900Kalispell, MT
2002XRn/aDetroit, MI
XRn/aNew York (hudson valley), NY
2001XRn/aSpringfield, MO
1985XRn/a1500Palm Springs, CA
1993XRn/a1500Orange county, CA
1993XRn/a1500Riverside, CA
1990XRn/aOlympic peninsula, WA
2003XRn/a800Nashville, TN
XRn/aFlint, MI
1979XRn/aTulsa, OK
2005XRn/aCincinnati, OH
1985XRn/a1500Riverside, CA
2008XRn/aDetroit, MI
2000XRn/a1199Lafayette, IN
1973XRn/aOrlando, FL
2003XRn/a3550Bloomington, IN
2012XRn/a5000Athens, GA
1982XRn/aWorcester, MA
1972XRn/aMobile, AL
2008XRn/a3750Wilmington, NC
1986XRn/aPortland, OR
2003XRn/a1000Greensboro, NC
1999XRn/aChicago, IL
2012XRn/a4500Fort Smith, AR
1975XRn/a1000Tucson, AZ
1973XRn/aCharlottesville, VA
1976XRn/aSan Diego, CA
1983XRn/a1100Los Angeles, CA
2003XRn/a2200New York City, NY
2002XRn/a3700San Diego, CA
1975XRn/a1300Columbus, OH
2003XRn/a1200Dallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda : XR 2003 Honda XR100R
1991XRn/aAsheville, NCHonda : XR 1991 XR 250 L
1996XRn/aBloomington, INHonda : XR 1996 Honda XR650L XR 650L Enduro Dual Sport Supermoto Motard Excellent Condition
1984XRn/aLexington, KYHonda : XR 1984 Honda XR200R
1987XRn/aLos Angeles, CAHonda : XR Vintage 87 Honda XR 600R Enduro Motorcycle, ********NO RESERVE*******
2007XRn/a3600Columbus, OHHonda : XR 2007 XR650L (Upgraded, includes MX Hauler)
2002XRn/a900New York City, NYHonda : XR Honda XR Red Dirt bike
XRn/a860Fredericksburg, VAHonda : XR 2001 Honda XR80R Motorcycle Great off-road bike!
2003XRn/a2599Santa Maria, CAHonda : XR 2003 Honda XR400R California Street Legal Enduro Motorcycle CA XR400 XR 400
2002XRn/aMemphis, TNHonda : XR 2002 Honda XR650R - Built by Precision Concepts in SoCal
1985XRn/a1200Chicago, ILHonda : XR 1985 Honda 250xr