Triumph Rocket in Phoenix, AZ

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Including Triumph Rocket in USA for comparison.

Amazing 2009 Triumph Rocket Hannigan Custom TrikeTriumph ROCKET 3Triumph ROCKET THREE20082010201220142016201828k26k24k22k20k18k16k14k12k10k8k6k4k2k0Model YearPrice ($USD)
$28,0002009Rocket-Phoenix, AZ
$19,999Rocket-Phoenix, AZ
2023 Triumph Rocket 3 GT
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$16,000Rocket-Reno, NV
$17,995Rocket-Riverside, CA
$17,995Rocket-Orange county, CA
$19,250Rocket-Portland, OR
Triumph Rocket III
craigslist -
$10,700Rocket III-Long Island, NY
$17,500Rocket988Raleigh / Durham, NC
Triumph ROCKET 3
craigslist -
$6,0002007Rocket-Seattle, WA
$19,985Rocket-New London, CT
$19,497Rocket-Houston, TX
2020 Triumph Rocket III GT
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$10,500Rocket III-Reno, NV
Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster - The U
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$6,995Rocket-Miami, FL
Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster
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$6,995Rocket-Washington, District of Columbia
$20,842Rocket-Austin, TX
$20,600Rocket-San Diego, CA
2022 Triumph Rocket 3 GT
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$21,700Rocket-Minneapolis, MN
$18,495Rocket-Tampa, FL
$18,495Rocket-Miami, FL
$18,495Rocket-Orlando, FL
2022 Triumph Rocket III
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$20,999Rocket III-Minneapolis, MN
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$11,9952018Rocket-San Francisco, CA
2022 Triumph Rocket 3 R 221
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$24,300Rocket-Minneapolis, MN