Harley-Davidson Softail in Tampa, FL

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Including Harley-Davidson Softail in USA for comparison.

Harley-Davidson Softail Slim® Softail®HD FLSTN Softail DeluxeHARLEY-DAVIDSON SOFTAIL CUSTOM*BLACK AND CHROME**SADDLEBAGS/EXHAUHarley-Davidson Softail Deluxe Softail®Harley Softail-SlimHD SoftailHarley-Davidson FXSB - Softail BreakoutHARLEY DAVIDSON FLSTN SOFTAIL DELUXEHarley Davidson Softail Slim *FINANCING AVAILABLE*Harley Davidson SoftailHarley Davidson SoftailHarley Davidson Softail SlimHarley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic FLHCHarley-Davidson SOFTAIL DEUCE FXSTDI Excellent Cond w Many Extras Harley-Davidson Softail DeluxeHARLEY-DAVIDSON FXS SOFTAIL BLACKLINE - NO DEALER FEES!Harley-Davidson FLSS - Softail Slim SHarley Davidson Softail Harley-Davidson FLS - Softail Slim Harley Davidson FLHC Heritage Softail Classic Cruiser Low Miles!*Harley-Davidson* *Softail* *Slim* *FLS103**Harley-Davidson* *Softail* *Slim* *FLS103**Harley-Davidson* *Softail* *Deluxe*Harley-Davidson FXSB - Softail Breakout HARLEY-DAVIDSON FXSB SOFTAIL BREAKOUT W/ABS - NO DEALER FEES!HARLEY DAVIDSON SOFTAIL DELUXHarley-Davidson Softail Heritage ClassicHarley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic FLHCHarley-Davidson Breakout® Softail®Harley-Davidson Softail CustomHarley-Davidson® FXSB - Softail® Breakout®Harley-Davidson SoftailHarley-Davidson FXSTD - Softail DeuceHarley-Davidson Softail Slim® Softail®Harley-Davidson Softail Slim® Softail®Harley-Davidson Softail CustomHarley Softail Heritage (14000 Miles)Harley Softail HeritageHarley-Davidson Softail BreakoutHarley Davidson Softail SlimHarley Davidson 2002 Softail Deuce FXSTDIHarley Softail FXSTI LOW KM!!!Harley-Davidson FLHCS - Softail Heritage Classic 114 V TwinHarley-Davidson Softail Harley-Davidson FLHCS - Softail Heritage Classic 114 V TwinHarley-Davidson Softail Deluxe *House of Thunder H-D*😎HARLEY DAVIDSON FLSTC SOFTAIL HERITAGE CLASSIC WABS-NO DEALER FEEHarley Davidson Screamin Eagle SoftailHarley-Davidson Softail® Deluxe Softail®Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Softail ClassicHarley-Davidson FLS - Softail Slim Harley-Davidson Softail Harley-Davidson® FLS - Softail® SlimHarley Davidson SoftailHarley Davidson FXST SoftailHarley-Davidson Softail FLSL - Softail Slim SKU:U22-152 V THarley-Davidson Softail DeluxeHarley-Davidson Softail Heritage Softail ClassicHarley-Davidson Softail Harley Davidson Softail Slim FLS Cruiser 4k MilesHarley Davidson Softail Slim FLS Cruiser 4k MilesHarley-Davidson Softail Harley-Davidson Softail CustomHarley-Davidson Softail Harley-Davidson Softail FLSTC - Heritage Classic SKU:13637NHarley-Davidson Softail FLSTN - Deluxe SKU:13694 V Twin 157Harley-Davidson Softail FLSTC - Heritage Classic SKU:13637NHarley-Davidson Softail FLSTN - Deluxe SKU:13694 V Twin 1571995200020052010201518k16k14k12k10k8k6k4k2k0Model YearPrice ($USD)
$12,9002015Softail Slim FLS-Tampa, FL
HD FLSTN Softail Deluxe
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$10,5002009Softail-Tampa, FL
Harley Softail Custom
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$5,500Softail-Tampa, FL
$7,9992008Softail-Tampa, FL
$17,500Softail-Tampa, FL
$10,4952009Softail-Tampa, FL
$17,388Softail Slim FLS-St Augustine, FL
$16,475Softail Slim FLS800Orlando, FL
$16,476Softail Slim FLS800Jacksonville, FL
Harley Softail-Slim
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$14,9002017Softail Slim FLS-Florida Keys, FL
HD Softail
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$7,0001992Softail-Florida Keys, FL
$15,499Softail-Miami, FL
$14,3952015Softail-Space Coast, FL
$20,999Softail-Miami, FL
$18,788Softail-Miami, FL
$14,9952011Softail-Orlando, FL
$10,2002017Softail Slim FLS-Miami, FL
Harley Davidson Softail
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$6,0002004Softail-Orlando, FL
Harley Davidson Softail
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$12,9992015Softail-Miami, FL
Harley Davidson Softail Slim
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$11,9002013Softail Slim FLS-Jacksonville, FL
$16,8882019Softail-Ft Myers, FL
$16,399Softail Slim FLS800Orlando, FL
$16,399Softail Slim FLS800Daytona, FL
$16,399Softail Slim FLS800Jacksonville, FL
$19,900Softail-Ft Myers, FL
$19,900Softail-St Augustine, FL
$10,8852012Softail-Scranton, PA
$15,9992016Softail Slim FLS-Chicago, IL
$12,988Softail-Fresno, CA
Harley Davidson Softail
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$12,988Softail-San Francisco, CA
$12,4992017Softail Slim FLS-USA
$15,4952018Softail-Phoenix, AZ
$13,9822017Softail Slim FLS-Stillwater, OK
$13,9822017Softail Slim FLS-Stillwater, OK
$11,873Softail-Little Rock, AR
$12,473Softail-Little Rock, AR
$15,9842016Softail-Little Rock, AR
$13,9952016Softail-Maine, United States
craigslist -
$8,5002005Softail-Oregon (coast), OR
$16,8882019Softail-Hanford, CA
$12,8502014Softail-Tulsa, OK
$15,999Softail Slim FLS-Seattle, WA
$17,999Softail-Seattle, WA
Harley-Davidson Softail Custom
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$8,7002007Softail-Hilton Head, SC
$11,9992013Softail-Hilton Head, SC
$15,999Softail-Hilton Head, SC
Harley-Davidson Softail
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$15,9952015Softail-Delaware, United States
$5,6992004Softail-Chicago, IL
$9,9952013Softail Slim FLS-Fresno, CA
$9,9952013Softail Slim FLS-Sacramento, CA
$7,5002005Softail14KPhoenix, AZ
Harley Softail Heritage
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$7,5002005Softail-Show Low, AZ
Harley Davidson Softail Slim
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$14,9952017Softail Slim FLS-Hilton Head, SC
$9,5002002Softail-Visalia, CA
HD softail custom
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$6,000Softail-Grand Rapids, MI
Harley Softail FXSTI LOW KM!!!
craigslist -
$7,9952001Softail-Yakima, WA
$16,888Softail-Phoenix, AZ
$15,9512018Softail-Billings, MT
Harley-Davidson Softail
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$21,888Softail-Phoenix, AZ
$15,9512018Softail-Billings, MT
$15,999Softail FXST-Phoenix, AZ
$13,8882012Softail-San Francisco, CA
$13,8992017Softail-New Hampshire, United States
$10,5002006Softail-Topeka, KS
$12,9882011Softail-San Francisco, CA
$13,9932017Softail-Ft Collins, CO
$16,487Softail Slim FLS800Brunswick, GA
$11,4922014Softail Slim FLS5KUSA
Harley-Davidson Softail
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Harley Softail
craigslist -
$6,000Softail-Delaware, United States
$12,588Softail Standard FXST-Detroit, MI
‘91 Harley Davidson Softail
craigslist -
$6,666Softail-Los Angeles, CA
$9,9982013Softail Slim FLS-Florence, SC
Harley Davidson Softail
craigslist -
$10,0001997Softail-Buffalo, NY
$13,888Softail-Detroit, MI
Harley Davidson FXST Softail
craigslist -
$9,3002006Softail-Denver, CO
$15,9992019Softail-Wenatchee, WA
Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe
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$12,9952007Softail-Houston, TX
$13,9932017Softail-Denver, CO
$26,995Softail-Wenatchee, WA
Harley-Davidson Softail
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$4,7822015Softail Slim FLS4KSan Francisco, CA
$11,5002015Softail Slim FLS4KSacramento, CA
Harley-Davidson Softail
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Harley-Davidson Softail Custom
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$9,0002007Softail-Fort Smith, AR
Harley-Davidson Softail
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$12,9952012Softail-Orange county, CA
$11,9952008Softail-Orange county, CA
$12,9952012Softail-Los Angeles, CA
$11,9952008Softail-Los Angeles, CA