Honda XR in USA

This report shows 250 motorcycles listed for sale in the past 2 days.

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250 motorcycles listed for sale in the past 2 days - most prices between $1000 and $6700 .

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for sale2013XR650Ln/a5850craigslistNew York City, NYHonda XR650L (Fordham rd)
for sale2003XR100n/acraigslistOrange county, CA2003 Honda XR100
for sale1993XR100n/acraigslistAsheville, NC93 Honda XR100 (Asheville)
for sale2008XR650L70004500craigslistJackson, TN2008 Honda XR650L
for sale1987XR200n/acraigslistAlbany, NYHonda XR 200 best offer
for sale2002XR100Rn/a1600craigslistSacramento, CAHonda xr100r (vacaville)
for sale2003XR650Ln/a3500craigslistWenatchee, WAHonda XR 650 L (Chelan, WA)
for sale1997XR400Rn/a1600craigslistPhoenix, AZ1997 xr400r
for sale1994XR650Ln/a2200craigslistNew York City, NY1994 xr650l (Easton)
for sale1994XR650Ln/a2200craigslistNew Haven, CT1994 XR650L (Easton)
for sale1983XR200n/a1400craigslistMadison, WI1983 xr200 (Richland center)
for sale2001XR650Rn/a3500craigslistBoston, MA01 Honda Xr650r sm (hanson)
for sale2003XR100Rn/acraigslistPhiladelphia, PA2003 Xr100r
for saleXR80n/acraigslistDallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda XR 80 (Plano)
for sale2003Hondan/acraigslistSacramento, CA2003 Honda XR 50 (Sacramento)
for sale2000XR100n/acraigslistWinston-Salem, NC2000 Honda xr100
for sale2002Hondan/acraigslistChicago, ILHONDA XR 50 (Joliet)
for sale2002XR100n/a1000craigslistNashville, TN2002 Honda XR 100 (Hampshire, TN)
for sale1988XR600Rn/a1500craigslistSpokane, WA1988 XR600R (Trout Creek)
for sale1985XR250Rn/a1650craigslistAnniston, AL1985 Honda XR-250R (Collinsville)
for sale2003Hondan/acraigslistVentura county, CA2003 Honda XR 50
for sale2003XR100Rn/acraigslistWashington, DC2003 Honda XR100R (Olney)
for saleXR100Rn/acraigslistWashington, DCHonda XR100R (Olney)
for sale2003XR650Rn/a4200craigslistAtlanta, GA2003 xr650r (Western NC)
for sale2003XR650Rn/a4200craigslistCharlotte, NC2003 xr650r
for sale1995XR650Ln/a3500craigslistLong Island, NYHonda xr650l enduro (Islip)
for sale2014XR650Ln/a4500craigslistBuffalo, NY2014 XR650L (Buff area)
for sale2003Hondan/a2100craigslistStockton, CA2003 honda xr 230
for sale2004XR650Ln/a4000craigslistSeattle, WAxr650l 2004 honda dual sport
for sale2000XR100Rn/acraigslistGreen Bay, WI2000 Honda XR100R (Pound)
for sale2003XR650Ln/a2900craigslistLancaster, PA03 Honda XR 650 L (manheim)
for sale1980XR200n/acraigslistDenver, COHonda Xr200
for sale2002XR80Rn/acraigslistLouisiana (central), LAXR80R (Leesville)
for sale2003Hondan/acraigslistSt Louis, MOHonda xr 50 (Fieldon)
for sale2006XR80n/acraigslistFresno, CAHonda XR 80 (Hanford)
for saleHondan/a1200craigslistHouston, TXXr honda 100r (Nw)
for sale1993XR600Rn/a2000craigslistAsheville, NCXR600R 1993 HONDA (marion)
for sale2006XR70Rn/acraigslistWinchester, VA06 Honda XR70R (Linden)
for saleXR100n/acraigslistMinneapolis, MNClean 01 xr100 (Prescott)
for sale2001XR80Rn/a1200craigslistSacramento, CA2001 Honda XR80R (PLACERVILLE)
for sale2003XR100Rn/acraigslistYoungstown, OH2003 XR100R
for saleXR100Rn/acraigslistTri-Cities, TNHONDA XR100R (NE TN)
for sale2002XR100n/a1100craigslistMilwaukee, WI02 Honda XR100 four stroke
for sale1999XR250Rn/a1500craigslistSpokane, WA1999 Honda XR250R (St. Maries)
for sale2003XR100n/a1200craigslistLong Island, NY2003 Honda XR100
for sale1993XR600Rn/a1700craigslistBoulder, COHonda XR600r (Boulder)
for sale2003XR50Rn/a1000craigslistBoulder, CO2003 Honda XR50R Clean (Boulder)
for sale1998XR650Ln/a2300craigslistBoise, IDXR650L (Meridian)
for sale2006XR650Ln/a3650craigslistEugene, OR2006 Honda XR650L (Eugene)
for sale2000Hondan/acraigslistSan Diego, CAHONDA XR 70 CRF70 (Oceanside)
for sale2006XR650L22003200craigslistDenver, COHonda XR650L (Aurora)
for sale1998XR100n/acraigslistWilmington, NC1998 Honda XR100
for sale1997XR400Rn/a1500craigslistSpokane, WA1997 XR 400R (Colville)
for sale1981XR100n/acraigslistSacramento, CAHonda xr 100 (Marysville)
for sale2014XR650Ln/a4500craigslistPittsburgh, PA2014 xr650L (cheswick)
for sale1983XR500Rn/a1500craigslistSpace Coast, FL1983 HONDA XR500R (Stuart)
for sale1974XR75n/a1900craigslistWashington, DCHonda XR 75 (Alexandria)
for sale2003XR80n/acraigslistRichmond, VA2003 Honda XR 80 MINT
for saleXR80n/a1100craigslistDenver, COHonda XR80 (Ft. Collins)
for sale2000XR650Rn/a2700craigslistSan Francisco, CA2000 HONDA XR650R (gilroy)
for sale1984XR80n/acraigslistVentura county, CA1984 Honda xr 80
for saleXR200n/acraigslistFresno, CAHonda XR 200
for sale2012XR650Ln/a5250craigslistHonolulu, HI2012 Honda XR650L (Pukalani)
for sale2016XR650Ln/a6700craigslistWyoming, United StatesHonda XR650L Dual Sport
for sale2009XR650L8004500craigslistFlint, MI2009 XR650l (fenton)
for sale2005XR650L6002500craigslistSan Diego, CA2005 XR650L (Spring Valley)
for saleHondan/a2300craigslistSan Diego, CA03' Honda XR 400 (San diego)
for sale2012XR80n/a1400craigslistBoston, MA2012 HONDA CRF80 XR80 (EVERETT)
for sale2002XR100n/a1100craigslistCincinnati, OH2002 Honda XR 100 (Cleves)
for saleXR250n/a2500craigslistSeattle, WAXR250 (monroe)
for sale2003XR80n/a1050craigslistSacramento, CA2003 Honda XR 80 (Sacramento)
for sale1984XR250Rn/a1200craigslistBoston, MA1984 Honda XR250R (Northborough)
for sale2001XR100n/a1000craigslistSeattle, WA2001 Honda XR100
for sale2003XR100Rn/acraigslistLos Angeles, CA2003 XR100R
for sale2001XR100n/a1300craigslistElmira, NY2001 Honda XR 100 (Granville Summit)
for sale1998Hondan/acraigslistPensacola, FL1998 Honda 100 XR (Beulah)
for sale2002XR70Rn/acraigslistChicago, IL2002 Honda XR70R (Joliet)
for sale1986XR200n/acraigslistPenn State, PA86 Honda XR 200
for sale1986XR200n/acraigslistPittsburgh, PA86 Honda XR 200
for sale1986XR200n/acraigslistAltoona /Johnstown, PA86 Honda XR 200
for sale2012XR80n/a1400craigslistBoston, MA2012 HONDA CRF80 XR80 (EVERETT)
for sale1983XR80n/acraigslistVentura county, CA1983 Honda XR 80
for sale2002XR80n/acraigslistAtlanta, GA02 Honda XR 80 (Blairsville)
for saleXR650Rn/a4550craigslistOrange county, CAHonda XR 650 R Desert ready
for sale2004XR650L118783000craigslistRaleigh / Durham, NCHonda XR 650L (Mebane, NC)
for saleXR650L118783000craigslistGreensboro, NCHonda XR 650L (Mebane, NC)
for sale2008XR650L5003500craigslistBoston, MAhonda xr 650L (north central MA)
for sale1990XR80n/a1200craigslistMinneapolis, MNHonda Xr 80 (Chisago)
for sale2003XR100n/acraigslistAthens, GA03 Honda xr100 (Monroe)
for sale1981XR250n/acraigslistDenver, CO1981 Honda xr 250 (Arvada)
for sale1994XR80n/acraigslistPortland, OR1994 Honda XR80 (Sandy, OR)
for saleXR650Rn/a3600craigslistBaltimore, MDXR650R
for sale1997XR100n/acraigslistEugene, OR97 xr100 (Springfield OR)
for saleXR80n/acraigslistFort Wayne, INHonda XR 80 (HUNTINGTON)
for saleHondan/acraigslistDallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda xr 70 (Plano)
for saleXR200n/a1200craigslistSt Louis, MOISO/WTB HONDA XR 200-400
for saleXR100n/a1000craigslistMichigan (upper), MIHonda xr 100 - (Marquette)
for sale2000XR650Ln/a2500craigslistChicago, IL2000 Honda XR650L (crest hill)
for sale2001XR650Rn/a2800craigslistSan Francisco, CAXr650r (scotts valley)
for sale2002XR200n/a1500craigslistFresno, CA2002 Honda XR200 (Clovis)
for sale2002XR200n/a1500craigslistVisalia, CA2002 Honda XR 200 (clovis)
for sale2002XR200n/a1500craigslistMerced, CA2002 Honda XR 200 (Clovis)
for sale1984XR250Rn/a1700craigslistKansas City, MO1984 Honda XR250R (Lawson, Mo)
for sale2001Hondan/a2000craigslistRiverside, CA2001 Honda XR 250 R (rancho I.E.)
for saleXR200Rn/a1000craigslistNew Hampshire, United StatesHonda xr200r
for sale2007XR650L130003500craigslistReno, NVXR650 L - 2007 (South Lake tahoe)
for saleXR100n/acraigslistSacramento, CAHonda xr 100 (Marysville)
for sale2003XR50Rn/acraigslistWilmington, NCXR 50r (Portersneck)
for sale1995XR250Rn/a1800craigslistFairbanks, AKHonda XR250R (UAF)
for sale1986XR80Rn/acraigslistTopeka, KS1986 honda xr80r (Topeka)
for sale1999XR80n/acraigslistPlattsburgh, NY99 XR80
for sale2003Hondan/acraigslistMedford, OR2003 HONDA XR 50 (medford)
for sale2002XR80n/a1300craigslistWenatchee, WAhonda xr 80 (East wenatchee)
for sale2002XR70Rn/acraigslistTri-Cities, TN2002 Honda XR70R (Exit 7)
for sale2002XR650L7002500craigslistBirmingham, AL02 Honda XR650L (Warrior)
for sale2002XR80Rn/a2000craigslistHartford, CT2002 Honda XR80R (Wallingford)
for sale2000XR100n/a1200craigslistBoise, ID2000 Honda xr100 (mountain home)
for sale2003Hondan/acraigslistCarbondale, IL2003 Honda xR 50 (Benton)
for sale2002XR80Rn/a2000craigslistNew Haven, CT2002 Honda XR80R (Wallingford)
for sale2003XR100Rn/acraigslistMeadville, PA2003 Honda XR 100R
for sale1985XR250Rn/a1000craigslistAustin, TXHonda XR250R 1985 (east austin)
for sale2003Hondan/acraigslistNashville, TN2003 Honda XR 70 (Hohenwald)
for sale2002XR200Rn/a1500craigslistHartford, CT2002 Honda xr200r (hebron)
for sale2015XR650L14005050craigslistLong Island, NY2015 Honda XR 650 l
for sale2002XR70Rn/acraigslistChicago, IL2002 Honda XR70r (NWBURBS)
for sale2001XR80n/acraigslistOcala, FL2001 Honda XR 80 (Ocala)
for sale2001XR650L2202500craigslistSt Cloud, MNHonda XR 650L (Park Rapids, MN)
for sale2003XR80n/acraigslistPittsburgh, PA2003 Honda XR 80
for sale1985XR80n/acraigslistDelaware, United States1985 Honda xr 80
for saleXR100Rn/a1200craigslistTexas (eastern), TXHonda XR 100R (Palestine)
for saleXR100n/a1000craigslistSt George, UTHonda XR 100 (Hurricane)
for sale1996XR100Rn/acraigslistDes Moines, IAXR100R (DSM)
for sale1984Hondan/acraigslistBoston, MA1984 Honda XR 100 R (Peabody)
for sale1996XR250n/a1350craigslistPeoria, IL1996 Honda XR250
for sale1978XR75n/acraigslistBakersfield, CA1978 Honda xr75
for sale2001XR100n/a1250craigslistFresno, CAhonda xr 100 2001
for sale1998XR80n/acraigslistHartford, CTHonda XR 80 (South Windsor)
for sale2000XR650Rn/a3250craigslistPortland, OR2000 Honda XR 650R (Se portland)
for sale1999XR100n/acraigslistSan Diego, CA1999 honda xr100 (LakESIDE)
for sale2003XR70Rn/acraigslistTreasure Coast, FLHonda XR70R (Jupiter)
for sale2004XR50Rn/a1100craigslistChattanooga, TN2004 Honda XR50R (Ringgold)
for sale1978XR75n/acraigslistKalamazoo, MI1978 Honda XR75 (Homer)