Honda XR in USA

200 motorcycles listed for sale, 104 listed in the past 7 days.Including 50 recent sales prices for comparison.

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for saleXR100n/a
for saleXR650Rn/a
1950craigslistPhoenix, AZHonda XR650R
for saleXRn/a
for saleXR650Ln/a
3200craigslistSeattle, WAHonda XR650L
for saleXR400Rn/a
2400craigslistSan Francisco, CAHonda XR 400R
for sale2002XR250Rn/a
for sale2001XR100Rn/a
1000craigslistJacksonville, FLHonda Xr 100r
for sale1994XR80n/a
craigslistHuntsville, ALHonda XR80 -Trade
for saleXRn/a
for saleXR250Rn/a
1800craigslistSacramento, CAXR250R
for saleXRn/a
for sale2001XRn/a
for saleXR650Rn/a
2950craigslistGrand Rapids, MIHonda XR650 R
for sale1993XR100n/a
craigslistCharlotte, NChonda xr100
for sale2000XRn/a
1000craigslistLouisville, KYHonda XR 50
for sale1996XR650Ln/a
1000craigslistSan Francisco, CAHonda XR 650l
for sale2003XR100Rn/a
1100craigslistNew Haven, CThonda xr100r
for sale1995XR600Rn/a
2200craigslistDallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda XR600R
for sale1994XR650Ln/a
2500craigslistBoise, IDHonda Xr650l Trade
for sale2013XR650L7000
5300craigslistGreensboro, NCHONDA XR650L
for sale1974XR75n/a
for saleXRn/a
craigslistSeattle, WAHonda XR 70
for sale2001XRn/a
craigslistPittsburgh, PAHonda XR-70
for sale2003XRn/a
craigslistMinneapolis, MNHonda XR 70 2003
for saleXR100n/a
craigslistReno, NVxr100
for sale1985XRn/a
craigslistOrange county, CAHonda XR 350
for sale2003XRn/a
1750craigslistRiverside, CAHonda XR 250cc
for sale2002XR80n/a
1100craigslistFairbanks, AKxr80
for sale2001XR250Rn/a
1500craigslistDenver, COHonda XR250R
for sale2001XR100n/a
2200craigslistSacramento, CAHonda xr 100
for saleXR75n/a
for sale1998XR80n/a
for sale1994XR250Ln/a
2500craigslistPortland, ORHonda XR250L
for sale2002XR100Rn/a
craigslistUtica, NYHONDA XR 100R
for sale2007XR650Ln/a
2800craigslistLas Cruces, NMHonda xr650l
for sale2000XR80Rn/a
craigslistSacramento, CAHonda xr80r
for sale2004XR50Rn/a
2000craigslistChicago, IL(2) 2004 HONDA CRF50F/XR50R
for saleXR80n/a
craigslistReno, NVHonda xr80
for sale1997XRn/a
1500eBayAuburn, ALHonda XR motorcycle
for saleXR400Rn/a
for sale1993XR650Ln/a
1500craigslistColorado (west slope), COHonda XR650L
for sale2003XR80n/a
craigslistButte, MTHonda XR 80
for saleXR50Rn/a
craigslistChicago, ILHONDA CRF50F / XR50R
for sale2002XR100Rn/a
1200craigslistSeattle, WAHonda XR100R
for sale1993XRn/a
for saleXR400Rn/a
for saleXR80n/a
craigslistBirmingham, AL97' Honda XR 80
for sale1994XR250Rn/a
3395craigslistWyoming, United StatesHonda XR 250R
for sale1995XR600Rn/a
1900craigslistDallas / Fort Worth, TXHonda XR600R
for saleXRn/a
1250craigslistYoungstown, OHHonda XR 200
for sale2003XR80n/a
craigslistPalm Springs, CAXr 80
for saleXR650L8000
2300craigslistLos Angeles, CAHonda XR 650 L
for sale2002XR50Rn/a
craigslistVentura county, CAHonda XR50R
for sale1985XR600Rn/a
2000craigslistSalem, ORHonda xr600r
for sale2004XR400Rn/a
2500craigslistPhoenix, AZHonda Xr 400r
for sale2007XR650Ln/a
3000craigslistSalem, ORHonda XR650L 2007
for sale1999XR650Ln/a
3200craigslistSeattle, WAHonda XR650l XR650
for saleXRn/a
craigslistSan Diego, CAHonda XR 200
for sale1982XR80n/a
craigslistPrescott, AZHonda XR80
for saleXR650L6000
2800craigslistSt George, UTHonda XR650L
for saleXR400Rn/a
1400craigslistGreat Falls, MTHonda XR 400R
for saleXR100n/a
craigslistOregon (coast), ORXR100
for sale1980XR80n/a
for sale2003XR100Rn/a
1050craigslistEau Claire, WIHonda XR100R 2003
for sale2002XR80n/a
craigslistGlens Falls, NYHonda XR80
for sale2012XR650L500
4950craigslistHonolulu, HIHonda XR650L
for sale2003XR650Rn/a
2800craigslistVentura county, CAHonda XR650R
for sale2009XR650L1000
4100craigslistBoise, IDHonda XR650L
for saleXR600Rn/a
2600craigslistMaryland (eastern), MDHonda xr600r
for saleXR75n/a
1800craigslistKlamath Falls, ORClassic honda xr 75
for sale2000XR650Ln/a
4000craigslistSpokane, WAHonda XR650L
for sale1981XR100n/a
craigslistYork, PAHonda XR100
for sale1993XR650L1000
3500craigslistDetroit, MIHonda xr650l
for saleXR650Rn/a
2750craigslistSan Diego, CAHonda XR650R
for sale1986XR250n/a
1200craigslistSpokane, WAHonda XR250R XR250 XR 250
for sale2002XR400Rn/a
3600craigslistMichigan (upper), MIXR400R
for sale1995XR80n/a
for sale1998XR80n/a
craigslistAnn Arbor, MIHonda XR80
for saleXR80n/a
craigslistDetroit, MIXr80
for sale1998XR80n/a
craigslistSan Francisco, CAhonda xr 80
for sale2003XR1002000
for saleXR200Rn/a
craigslistSan Diego, CAHonda xr200r
for sale2000XR80n/a
craigslistSeattle, WAHonda XR80, decent!
for saleXR250n/a
for sale1996XR250n/a
1375craigslistMichigan (southwest), MIHonda xr250
for saleXR100Rn/a
craigslistPalm Springs, CAHonda XR100R
for sale2008XR650Ln/a
4295craigslistReno, NVHonda XR 650L
for sale2003XR80Rn/a
craigslistJackson, MIHonda Xr80r 2003
for sale1997XR80Rn/a
craigslistIndianapolis, INXr80r 1997
for sale2002XR100Rn/a
craigslistNew York City, NYHonda xr100r
for sale1998XR250Rn/a
1800craigslistDenver, COhonda xr250r
for sale2009XR650L6000
4500craigslistProvidence, RIHonda XR 650 L
for sale2009XR650L6000
for sale2000XR600Rn/a
2700craigslistPrescott, AZHonda Xr600r
for sale1984XR80n/a
1000craigslistSacramento, CAHonda XR 80
for sale1998XRn/a
craigslistNew York City, NYHonda XR 400
for sale1990XR80n/a
craigslistElmira, NYHONDA XR 80
for saleXR250L1000
2750craigslistBoston, MAHonda xr 250l mint condition
for saleXR400Rn/a
2095craigslistNew Hampshire, United StatesXr 400r
for sale2002XR80Rn/a
1100craigslistSeattle, WAHonda xr80r